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Having Trouble Meditating? Develop a Sustainable Meditation Practice with Stard Deep Meditation Aid!
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Stard gave my meditation sessions a deeper clarity and prolonged the effect of each session. I found myself energized, clear-minded, and at ease for hours after the session ended.

Dr. Sameet Kumar

Clinical Psychologist & Author

Stard Deep Meditation Supplement

An ancestral technique to pass the barrier to developing a sustainable meditation practice

Embrace an hour of unfocussedness and experience your mind expands to a broader consciousness

Neuro Anti-Inflammatory, Protective Against Oxidative Stress, Support Neuro-Protection and Neuro-Genesis

100% Natural, Organic, Legal in the US, Standardized Doses Based on Purified Extracts, Certified By Third-Party Toxicologists

Having Trouble Meditating?

We Can Help You Develop A Sustainable Meditation Practice Quickly with An Ancestral Natural Solution



Peganum Harmala



Dose and Instructions

Stard formulation is a 100% natural blend containing purified extracts of the sacred psychoactive plant Espand (Syrian rue), grapefruit, and pomegranate. Each dose of Stard contains ~400 mg of total active compounds, including beta-carbolines, and is referred to as a sub-intoxicating mini-dose.

Take one capsule 5 to 15 minutes before meditation and experience bliss!

What Our Customers Say

Stard Deep Meditation Supplement embodies the ancient magi’s legacy, unlocking deeper states of consciousness through meditation and psychoactive substances. By consuming Haoma, Iranian Pagan and Zoroastrian priests experienced altered states of consciousness, enabling them to delve into the after-death realm and gain spiritual insights. These profound states were reached via dreaming or through the hypnagogic state, a liminal phase between sleep and wakefulness.

Formulated with the compounds of the ancient Elixir of Truth, Haoma, Stard Meditation Supplement is designed to enhance your meditation practice in various ways. It contains beta-carboline molecules derived from the seeds of the sacred plant Espand (Syrian rue). Intriguingly, these naturally occurring beta-carbolines in Syrian rue share their chemistry with those found in the Ayahuasca brew from the Amazon, extracted from the Banisteriopsis Caapi bark. Despite the vast distance between their origins, our ancestors universally recognized the beta-carbolines’ dreamlike effects!

Engineered through rigorous neurophysiological and clinical data analysis, Stard is designed to slow your mind, inviting you into a state of unfocused presence where distractions fade and pure awareness remains. This supplement acts as a gentle tranquilizer, grounding you in a serene state of being and enhancing your meditation practice by facilitating a deeper connection to the self and the universe.

If you are aware of the mental and psychological benefits of meditation and have attempted to develop a meditation practice but haven’t been successful so far, this is an ancestral gift and solution for you to cross the chasm and establish one. In an open awareness meditation, where you try to empty your mind by focusing on your breath, getting bored or distracted with the flow of thoughts is what makes many early meditators give up. Stard meditation supplement creates a breakthrough by enrolling you “into the zone”. This is huge as identifying the zone and state of mind you want to reach is subjective and achieved only through persistence in meditation, which is found to be the barrier of entry to developing the practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- I have never meditated and am a newbie. Can I start immediately with Stard Meditation Supplement?

Yes! Stard is an excellent catalyst for starting a meditation practice. However, contemplative practices like meditation are not only mental. They are holistic, which means they involve your body, too. You should be comfortable adopting the right postures and sitting for the time you want to meditate.

2- How long before meditation should I take my meditation supplement?

Get ready for your meditation session and take one capsule of Stard 15 to 20 minutes before meditation.

3- How will I feel when I take Stard?

Stard creates a sense of body and mind relaxation, where the wandering mind, aka monkey mind, slows down and experiences a sense of groundedness in the moment. It feels like your mind can unfocus rather than focus on a specific trend of thoughts. This allows the sense of being present here and now, which can be entangled with your presence in your breaths.

4- What must I avoid when I take Stard supplement?

Don’t take Stard on any processed and tyramine-rich food. Foods high on tyramine are smoked or processed meats, such as hot dogs, bologna, bacon, corned beef or smoked fish. Pickled or fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, caviar, tofu or pickles. These include soy, shrimp, fish, miso, and teriyaki sauce.
Also, don’t take stard before driving, swimming or working with heavy-duty machinery.

5- Is it appropriate to combine Stard with my Yoga practice?

Indeed, incorporating Stard towards the end of your yoga session can profoundly enrich your experience, especially during Savasana, by aligning your mind state closely with this liminal phase. However, due to its tranquilizing effect, it’s best suited for less physically intensive moments of your practice.

6- What types of meditation complement Stard best?

Stard has shown remarkable compatibility with various meditation styles, including fixed attention, open awareness (notably Vipassana), loving-kindness, heart-breath coherence, holotropic breathwork, sound baths, and Zhikr/Chanting. The most notable benefits were observed in open awareness meditation, where participants experienced significant increases in alpha brainwaves and depth of meditation.

7- Is Stard Meditation Supplement a psychedelic?

No, Stard is not a psychedelic. It is a mildly psychoactive, experiential natural supplement that is fully legal in the United States. It offers a unique, deep meditation experience without the use of psychedelic compounds.

Discover how Stard Meditation Aid can elevate your meditation practice to profound new levels. Whether you’re looking to deepen your connection, explore new states of consciousness, or simply find a greater sense of peace in your practice, Stard is here to guide you. Click “Learn More” to explore the transformative power of Stard and begin a journey that could redefine your meditation experience.

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