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Inspired By The Wisdom of Ancient Zoroastrian Tradition
Ancestral Supplements
The Good Mind
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Longevity, Mindfulness,
Mental Health
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Archaic Wisdom Revival

4000 year Wisdom of Ancient Zoroastrian Tradition for Mind Transformation


Modern Science to Unlock the Pharmacology of Haoma, Elixir of Truth

Not Just A Supplement

Combining the Ritual Technology with Ancient Pharmacology to Shift the Mind

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Magi Ancestral Supplements
Ancient Iranian Poet, Priest & Philosopher Who Defined God To Be Pure Consciousness
Freidrich Nietzsche's Favorite Philosopher: Zarathustra
Zarathustra, Zoroaster in Greek: Founder of Zoroastrian Philosophy

Ancient Iranian
Poet, Priest & Philosopher
Who defined God to be Pure Consciousness

Then Zarathustra said: “Reverence to Haoma! Good Haoma, well-created Haoma, properly created Haoma, good, curative, well-built, beneficent, victorious, yellow-colored, having tasty stalks – so that Haoma is best for the drinker and the best provision for the soul ”  Yasna 9-16

I realized that silent deep meditation is the best means of acquiring knowledge and spiritual insight


Haoma: A Lost Eastern Plant Medicine

Consumed in Rituals by Zoroastrian Priests & Kings in Ancient Iran

Microdosing Magi Ancestral Supplements

For Neuropharmacologic Benefits of Haoma Inspired Formulations

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