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Our Story

The Magi Ancestral Nootropic Supplements journey began with our search to understand the legacy plant medicine practices of our Eastern ancestors, the Zoroastrian Priests of Ancient Persia and Doaist Shamans of Imperial China. Our team of ethnopharmacologists, biochemists, and neuroscientists began by researching the psycho*active and intoxicating ingredients in the sacred elixirs used ritually by our Eastern ancestors for 4,000 years, to develop modern pharmaceutical treatments for debilitating mental health disorders .

Applying modern science to ancestral wisdom, we discovered the psycho*active and neuroprotective properties of Beta-Carbolines, a class of compounds found in Espand.  Espand is a plant sacred to Iranians, and believed to be the key ingredient of Haoma, the Ancient Iran’s Elixir of Truth and Immortality used in seeking deep personal insights from knowledge of the afterlife. Reaching an optimum state of mind defined by Zoroaster as Vohu Manah, “The Good Mind“, is what we seek to achieve through formulating these supplements and urban rituals.

Magi Nootropics’ Beta-Carbolines are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) and not scheduled by the US DEA under the Controlled Substances Act.  While our scientific team continues to develop neuro-pharmaceuticals for mental wellness , we started Magi to bring this wisdom in a nootropic supplement to you today. 

For you of Sound Mind, Body, and Spirit, who are on a Journey to Deepen Personal Insight. 

Our mission is to revive and spread the wisdom of our Eastern ancestors in using mind-opening plants to raise human consciousness for a healthy brain and Good Mind.

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