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The use of medicinal plants for cognitive enhancement and spiritual enlightenment holds a storied tradition going back more than 5,000 years in each of the world’s oldest civilizations, from the fertile crescent of Ancient Egypt & Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley and Ancient China in the Far East. The Zoroastrian Priests of Ancient Iran sought to better their minds through the ritualistic consumption of Haoma, the extracted Elixir of Truth and Immortality, for accessing deep personal insights.

Thanks to modern science, we now understand biochemically, neurologically, and pharmacologically what our ancestors amazingly discovered millennia’s ago. Magi brings to you the wisdom of our Eastern ancestors in an all-natural supplement to help restore your mind.

Ancestral Supplements for The Good Mind


A microdose is a dose of psycho*active compound so small as to be below the perceptive threshold, to receive the neurological benefits without impairing normal functioning

Plant Medicine

Espand is the sacred divine plant believed to be the key ingredient of the hallucinogenic Haoma, and been used for 7,000 years medically for its psycho*active, analgesic, antihypertensive, and antibacterial properties.


Through the use of electroencephalogram technology (EEG) to measure brainwaves, we formulated Magi supplements to promote a sublime state of mind wellness.

Brain Health

Magi nootropics are made with natural beta-Carbolines, unique neuromodulators that have been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory activity in the brain and promote neurogenesis.

Ancestral Wisdom

Haoma, was the sacred Elixir of Truth concocted by the Pagan and Zoroastrian priests of Ancient Iranian, Magi, for the ritualistic pursuit of personal insight and a sound mind.


Meditation is a practice in mindfulness in pursuit of nondual conscious awareness, and has been shown to have lasting health benefits through improved brain and immune function.

Healthy Brain, Good Mind

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