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Macro Dose

  • Haoma Revelation Aid

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    Haoma was served in meditative rituals to experience death before dying so as to discover otherworldly wisdom and achieve a sublime state of mind.  Magi’s team of Ph.D. scientists and ethnopharmacologists formulated Haoma Revelation Aid to bring this profoundly insightful experience in a macrodose psychoactive supplement for those who commit themselves to the work of intentional preparation for personal insight.

    “Homage to Haoma, that so elevates the mind of a poor man, that he gets enlightened through knowledge.” – passage from Zoroastrian Texts

    • Haoma Revelation Aid is a natural psychoactive supplement known as Oneirogen, formulated to contain a precise macrodose of select Espand-derived beta-carbolines that put the mind into a dream-like waking state.
    • Haoma Revelation Aid is all-natural and non-habit-forming.
    • Tap into the realm of the unconscious to explore what’s out there that we have no control over.
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